Homemade Chai Tea Latte

To keep warm over the Thanksgiving break I made plenty of these comforting spiced lattes. Using real chai tea, almond milk and honey, it is the perfect way to stay warm throughout the winter.


1 chai tea bag
1-2c boiling water
1/2-3/4c almond milk
1 tsp honey

Fill a mug halfway with boiling water and let the tea steep for at least 5 minutes (until it is nice and strong). Meanwhile, bring almond milk to a boil. Once the milk begins to boil turn off the heat and froth using a simple frother. Froth the milk until it is very foamy and fluffy. Pour the milk into the mug, add honey, curl up in blanket and sip :)


Bonnie Lewis said...

I am writing a paper and needed this suggestion. I am so glad i found your blog!

Cacahuete_sr said...

Glad I could be of help :)

ABowlOfMush said...

Mmm yummy. Sounds very Arabian and delicious.