The Healthiest Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pie

I’m sorry it’s been awhile, but I’ve been traveling around Europe. While the weather in Prague, Budapest and Bratislava was so hot that I was often bathing in my own sweat, I am now drinking tea and wearing long sleeves in Paris. Typique! We’ve had a multitude of torrential, spontaneous downpours, which have left nothing but chilly weather. Despite the fact that I’d rather be eating soup on a day like today, my warm-blooded-heart is reminding me that it is still summer and to take advantage of two of my favorite foods: fruit and yogurt.

I eat fruit and yogurt after every meal but it gets kind of mundane after, oh 3 years. Usually the pattern is as follows: open yogurt, dump yogurt in bowl, open apple sauce, dump apple sauce next to yogurt making a yogurt apple sauce yin and yang, douse with flax seeds, and eat. I know, you’re bored just reading that sentence!

I wanted to create a dessert using yogurt and fruit but not at all compromising the healthiness of just plain fruit and yogurt. There is no added sweetener and no crust in this pie; it is purely fruit and yogurt.

Mangos seemed like a great fruit to use as the crust because they can be sliced flat and easily pressed if they are ripe enough. Also, who doesn’t loooove frozen mangos?!

The rest is a simple yogurt filling topped with colorful blueberries, raspberries and kiwi; you can of course top the pie with different fruits according to your preference.

The Healthiest Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pie
makes one small pie (approx 9x7)

1 mango peeled and sliced into ½ inch thick pieces
250g plain yogurt (I used two small yogurts that were 125g each, so two small yogurts)
¼ c raspberries
½ c blueberries
½ kiwi peeled and sliced thinly

Lay mango slices along the bottom of a small round pie pan. With the extra mango slices, cut them into smaller pieces and flatten them with a fork to cover any holes/spaces between mango slices in the pan making a flat, even crust (this is why it is important to use a ripe mango, if it is not ripe, you will not be able to smush it down with the fork).

Pour yogurt over the middle and spread around evenly with a knife or spoon.

Top with raspberries, blueberries and kiwi (or other fruits if you wish).

Let freeze for at least 1 hr. After one hour of freezing, the pie was perfectly set yet not too frozen to cut. Should you leave the pie in the freezer longer, just let it defrost a bit until you can easily slice it.

The Healthiest Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pie

Frozen yogurt fruit pie made with a mango "crust", plain ...

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Celine said...

looks fantastic! beside the weather, how was the trip?

Sharon said...

it was amazing thanks!!! although it was hot, it was bright and sunny everyday which was awesome! just wish i had this pie with me then! ;)

Michele R. said...

I have never seen using mango as the "crust". What a innovative idea! Michele R

Sophie said...

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ninaki said...

This sounds delicious! I will definitely try it with some soy yogurt!Great blog`