How Could I Forget Figs!?

I gasped when food shopping today as soon as I saw these figs. I couldn’t believe I forgot how much I love the figs here! Figs occasionally appear off-season at over 7 Euros a pound. I usually force myself to walk by the display quickly for I could easily eat a pound and 7 Euros, frankly, is just too damn expensive. Needless to say, I pounced. Also needless to say, I will return tomorrow for more.

Fig trees are grown in the south down near the Mediterranean where you can pick them and promptly eat them. You can’t ask for fresher figs! Unfortunately, in Paris, there are no fig trees but the figs Chez Franprix still beat any figs I’ve ever found in the US. They are so naturally sweet and juicy; their skin even has a slight coconut taste to it.


Kevin said...

Those figs look so big and good!

Sharon said...

I know!! I get VERY excited over figs here :) Can't find them like that in the US (i'm not sure about canada though ;))